Why we are good at it
The process of promotion, as it applies to the Internet translates in almost all cases to the word relevancy.
The Internet is vastly, hugely, unbelievably big, staggeringly big. I mean, Really Really big! So Big, as to be almost completely useless if it were not for a variety of utilities that help us sort through all the clutter and irrelevant information.

The term "Search Engine" has been around for 11 years now. In the early days terms like Archie, Veronica and Gopher would have described popular ways to search through oceans of information for that tiny speck of information you needed.

The job of a Search Engine, be it Gopher or Google, is to accept your search words, and then suggest a small group of websites for you to inspect, out of the millions that are available. The process that the Search Engine uses to choose, is a relevancy algorithm that weighs the information on your website and scores it for relevancy. The higher you score, the more visible you will be.

From your perspective, you want the search engines to consider your website the most relevant website on the Internet for whatever it is that you offer.

John Harrington, Ops Manager for WireBuilt Company, has spent hundreds of hours studying this process, deploying campaigns, and analyzing the results. That hard earned expertise is available to you as a part of our visibility campaigns on your behalf.

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